Porsche Competitor Service Offers

Before You Service with any Independent, Fast-fit or Local Porsche dealer, we are
currently honoring 
all competitors' offers!

At Porsche Woodland Hills we don’t sell services; we earn Porsche relationships.

Providing only the services and benefits you need; you’re backed by 121 years of technical expertise.

Customer Benefits:

  • Deliver on timely agreed service repairs.
  • Conveniently open on Saturdays
  • Porsche Factory-Trained Service Advisors - Ask for Don or Armen.

No Porsche is Out of Service Reach:

  • 1960s Vintage 356 models
  • 1970s Classic 990 models
  • 1980s Classic 928 models
  • 1990s Classic 993 models
  • 2000s Classic 996 models

How We Speak Porsche:

  • 121 years of combined techincal expertise under one rooftop
  • Highest concentration of Gold Meister Technicians in the Nation
  • Porsche Genuine Parts

As for Pricing...
We'll meet or beat any Independent Porsche repair shop's estimate. Must have a written estimate with Porsche parts, no aftermarket parts will be used or price matched.* Try Us.


*Contact dealer for further details.

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